Donut Dog: Feed your focus! 应用的评论


I really like the concept...

...but I feel like I’m doing something wrong? I focused for over two hours today (trying to not browse my phone during my classes), and I earned zero donuts, somehow? There are more instances than not that I don’t end up earning any donuts despite spending a good chunk of time without touching my phone or closing the app.

timers and notifications

hello! i've just recently got the app and i was wondering if you could start adding in custom timers? like a focus for 25 min (like the pomodoro technique) to get a donut? it'd also be better if the app could notify you when you reach your desired time, and when you're using another app while trying to focus. other than that, the app is really cute and i enjoy using it.

Pretty good app

This is a good app, it’s kinda copying the concept of the Forest app. I wish that there was a button to see all the donuts, and there was more to the store. And it says that you can’t switch the app or go on your phone, and that’s not true I’m still able to be on my phone and still bake donuts. It kinda defeats the concept of the whole app, fix this app please


This app could be better if the app could actually recognize when you are using another app because the time still counts when you are off the app

Lots of potential, but a little buggy!

The app does what it’s supposed to—that is, it tracks your focus time and exchanges it for donuts! I especially like the fact that you can just turn on the tracker and not have to set a specific time frame. So glad that the donut-counting bug was fixed. However, I am having issues with the anti-cheat feature. I know it’s still in beta, but as someone who uses their phone while the work for spellings and quick questions, having this feature would be awesome. When I had it off, I left the app (but left the timer running in the background) for what couldn’t have been more than a minute, returned, and saw that the app had restarted with the quote loading screen. I hit the anti-cheat switch on, restarted the timer, and then left the app again. On this return, the app hadn’t restarted, but the timer had been stopped. While writing this review, I had the timer running and anti-cheat off. Periodically switching back to the app, it seems to be working fine. Maybe it was a one-time fluke? Anyway, as someone who beta-tests coding for a friend, I know how crucial it can be to hear any issues, one-time or no. There are a couple of improvements I’d really like to see! First off, sound effects. What’s the point of all the buttons if they don’t make click noises? I’d also like to see a more navigable, aesthetically pleasing home screen. Perhaps fill the half-empty screen with the dog? The layout took some getting used to due to the fast pace of the tutorial, and I think it can be clarified and streamlined. Maybe put all the buttons in one area, or create multiple pages that can be swiped through (a settings, social, challenges, donuts, and machine page). This may be small, but I would LOVE if the user could customize the app more. While the pastel multi-colored aesthetic I’m sure works for some people, I’m personally a fan of more muted tones when focusing. A darker theme would be amazing! On the same customization strand, I get that the dog is like the mascot of the app, but frankly he’s a little strange looking. Which I appreciate as a design choice! But it’d be super cool if you could kinda customize your own dog using the donuts you earn from focusing. In all, a fun app with barrel loads of potential! Looking forward to future updates and features!


I am confusion I can’t even register it keeps saying can’t connect

Almost There...

This can truly be a phenomenal app. I’m looking forward to the next update. Hopefully it’s less buggy. My donuts aren’t showing up anywhere, so it defeats the purpose visually for me. I will keep the app, and I’m looking forward to changing this to 5 starts when it’s updated and the bugs are fixed! 😉

Confusion Resolved!

This app has helped me put my phone down and leave it, but I am extremely confused! I've collected donuts for around 8 or 9 hours total now, and I see which ones I've collected before I press "stop" (to end the timer or once I've reached my goal), yet I have not advanced in any of the donut collection goals! I tried pressing the donuts before stop this time around to see if I'm supposed to physically collect them, but that didn't do anything. I've collected over 50 donuts (according to the game stats). Is this a glitch? Am I doing something wrong? I'd love to advance with the goals, so any input is welcome! Update: I'm just dumb and didn't know what to look for!

It’s ok as of now. It’ll be great when updated.

Love the app. It’s a great concept, but it’s the first release right now. There have been no updates. This means it’s buggy, and slow. Sometimes you click something several times, and it just does nothing. It always takes way too long to load at the start (between 30 seconds to 1 minute). Usually it takes 5 seconds for a button to register. I’ve noticed that it will sometimes randomly reset the timer for focusing, and not register my hard work... These things can be fixed, and if they were, I’d rate it 5 stars. Hopefully we’ll get an update that solves some of these problems soon!


I just got this yesterday, but I love it already. I am off my phone WAY more than I expected 🐺😎⚽️✌️

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